Garden State Yacht Sales Resources

Garden State Yacht Sales Resources

For years Garden State Yacht Sales has operated as a family business in the marine industry and we have always felt that it is important to provide our clients with an unmatched level of service.In addition to boat sales in NJ, our company is pleased to offer boat storage and boat repair service for any clients who have extended needs.

To further the benefits available to our clients, it is our pleasure to partner with the following businesses. Please take advantage of what the companies below have to offer.

Marine Resources

Atlantic Spear and Scuba 
If you’re interested in diving below the waves instead of just cruising above them in your new yacht, we recommend Atlantic Spear and Scuba. These experts can provide not only the foremost scuba equipment, but great courses to educate novice divers.

NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife 
If you’re interested in spending a lazy afternoon on your new boat catching some fish off of You may be very interested in this NJ Fishing License Information website. It provides all the information you need to legally enjoy fishing in both fresh and saltwater.

Discover Boating
Your go to boating guide for safety tips, education and training, and more!

Other Resources

Barbecue Catering in NJ
Next time you’re in the mood for some mouth watering barbecue in New Jersey, reach out to these experts for your catering needs.